Broadcast and Social Media As We Know It…


…This semester has gone by so fast! For me, gradschool at Newhouse has been enlightening and has taught me a grad deal about myself and the fast pace of our generation. New material in communications and broadcast journalism has prepared me for my next steps in the real world. As a future journalist, one very important skill set is knowing the ins and outs of social media. That’s where @DR4WARD comes and the collaboration of my #newhousesm6 social media class.

We have recently worked on team presentations that were based on our interests/ majors. In my case, I researched the unity between broadcast journalism and social media. I explained how journalists utilize social media to get stories, sources, network, and give updates. I was also able to get in contact with social media savvy interviewees: @amartinmedia, @johnpalacio, @timcast, and @jillkonopka. Their insight into social media allowed me to give my team a more realistic idea of how social media is used.

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Here is the SlideShare of my presentation:

I prepared for my presentation by researching the history of broadcast journalism. I explained how it started, its founders, the importance of adhering to the journalistic code of ethics. I also explained the issues reporters face when on deadline. I demonstrated apps as well! The PATCH app helps you find stories right in your locale, and USTREAM allows you to be the first on the scene to shoot!

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Final photo after presentation with @DR4WARD:
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I also used Pearltrees to gather information before and after my presentation:

Pearl Trees

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During my presentation my fellow classmates engaged each other and tweeted out. I used hashtracking, social mentions, and sprout for analytics!

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Strength: 100%
Passion: 80%
Sentiment: 6:1
Reach: 45%
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Last but not least! Here is my storify–ENJOY!
Please click on my STORIFY Link below!
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A Break Up Led Me To Twitter…


© 2013 Amber Diaz

That’s right, the first time I EVER used Twitter was when I took to Kim Kardashian’s Fan page for help during a break-up. You see, I have loved the Kardashians since the beginning. And yes, I have gotten much backlash for it. But none of that is important. The important thing was that Miss Kim Kardashian helped me become an avid social media user. Let me explain. I was in a relationship with a guy for over five years. And he, being the brilliant guy that he was, thought it was appropriate to speak inappropriately to other females on the infamous platform we call Facebook. Thus, amongst other issues between this gentleman and myself, we called it quits. So I did what every other heart broken ex-girlfriend does, I constantly checked his FB  page. Morning, noon and night I checked for statuses, updates, and comments, particularly looking for the female ones. And what I realized is that I was hurting myself. So, after reading a magazine where Kim talks about taking to social media to vent in a positive way, I signed up for Twitter. I navigated to Kim’s page who was going through a break up too. She had a million and one statuses about upcoming events, books she was reading, and even photos of she and her family. I began copying her writing style with @replies, and RT “Re-tweets.” She showed that an individual in a tough time could rise up when they focused on their own goals. I soon began following friends who in turn followed me back. I began networking and found a therapist who tweets about love and the next steps. I am still an avid user, and now on a professional level, my networking skills are more than good–they’re great.