Broadcast and Social Media As We Know It…


…This semester has gone by so fast! For me, gradschool at Newhouse has been enlightening and has taught me a grad deal about myself and the fast pace of our generation. New material in communications and broadcast journalism has prepared me for my next steps in the real world. As a future journalist, one very important skill set is knowing the ins and outs of social media. That’s where @DR4WARD comes and the collaboration of my #newhousesm6 social media class.

We have recently worked on team presentations that were based on our interests/ majors. In my case, I researched the unity between broadcast journalism and social media. I explained how journalists utilize social media to get stories, sources, network, and give updates. I was also able to get in contact with social media savvy interviewees: @amartinmedia, @johnpalacio, @timcast, and @jillkonopka. Their insight into social media allowed me to give my team a more realistic idea of how social media is used.

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Here is the SlideShare of my presentation:

I prepared for my presentation by researching the history of broadcast journalism. I explained how it started, its founders, the importance of adhering to the journalistic code of ethics. I also explained the issues reporters face when on deadline. I demonstrated apps as well! The PATCH app helps you find stories right in your locale, and USTREAM allows you to be the first on the scene to shoot!

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Final photo after presentation with @DR4WARD:
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I also used Pearltrees to gather information before and after my presentation:

Pearl Trees

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During my presentation my fellow classmates engaged each other and tweeted out. I used hashtracking, social mentions, and sprout for analytics!

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Strength: 100%
Passion: 80%
Sentiment: 6:1
Reach: 45%
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Last but not least! Here is my storify–ENJOY!
Please click on my STORIFY Link below!
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